The Weeknd Releases Doja Cat Remix of “In Your Eyes”

If there’s one artist who most fully encapsulates the current moment in pop music, it’s probably Doja Cat. Whether flying to the top of the Billboard charts, collaborating with the industry’s biggest names or establishing her untouchable TikTok reign, the “Say So” songstress has become one of the most prominent and beloved artists in the industry. So it’s only fitting that the newest feature on The Weeknd’s star-studded series of remixes from his album After Hours is none other than Miss Doja herself.

Following the release of After Hours, The Weeknd pulled in artists such as Lil Uzi Vert, The Blaze and Chromatics to put out a series of remixes of tracks off the album. On Thursday, yet another track from After Hours, “In Your Eyes,” was given a shiny new update with the addition of a Doja Cat verse. Switching between rapping and singing effortlessly, Doja Cat fits snugly into the song’s original texture while simultaneously giving the track some signature Doja cuteness. After a few listens, it’s hard to remember what the song sounded like without her.

Listen to “In Your Eyes Remix feat. Doja Cat” below: