The Paste Happiest Hour: Avi Kaplan and Caitlyn Smith

Tune in today, Wednesday, April 29, for the latest episode of The Paste Happiest Hour, our daily livestream interview and music show hosted by Paste editor-in-chief Josh Jackson.

Today’s episode begins with Avi Kaplan at 5pm ET, followed by Caitlyn Smith at 5:25.

Avi Kaplan is a three-time Grammy Award winner as part of the a capella group Pentatonix and released his solo debut EP Sage and Stone in 2017 after leaving L.A. for the woods of Tennessee. He’s also sung with the group Home Free and has a second brand new EP, I’ll Get By, released in February, exploring the folk and bluegrass sounds he loves. You can download his single, “Change on the Rise,” for free on Paste’s NoiseTrade platform.

Singer/songwriter Caitlyn Smith has written for Dolly Parton, John Legend and Meghan Trainor, and recorded two full-lengths of her own, 2018’s Starfire and Supernova, released just last month. Paste’s Ellen Johnson describes the latter as: “Starfire’s cool older sister—a little wiser, a little more world-weary (though no less hopeful) and wearing a little more eyeshadow. Smith seems louder and prouder throughout the record’s 43 minutes, channeling Grace Potter on the soulful “Long Time Coming” before pivoting to Sheryl Crow on the proceeding “Damn You for Breaking My Heart.” It’s an album about rising from the ashes of a love that burned you down, and Smith is masterful in describing the many moods that come along with heartbreak. She’s sultry, smart and sly—sometimes all at once.” Watch her session at the Paste Studio in New York while you wait for today’s show.

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Josh Jackson is Paste’s co-founder and editor-in-chief and host of The Paste Happiest Hour. Follow him on Twitter at @joshjackson.