T.I.’s Son King Calls Out Comedian Druski

T.I.‘s son King is clapping back at comedian Druski for dissing the King during a recent interview on The Breakfast Club.

King Goes In on Druski

On Tuesday afternoon (Feb. 27), King shared a since-deleted post on Instagram where he called out Druski.

“Druski yo a$$ trimm,” he captioned the post below. “Let’s the games begin. N***a I just seen u ain’t u ain’t say nothing of that. Only thing you said was ‘Here go King standin on business.’ I tell ya the clout is a hell of a drug. And n***a what the hell is look like standing on my luxury a*s car. Not P.”

King also addressed the Coulda Been Records CEO in a video shared on social media.

“Druski, you and your cholesterol need to calm the f**k down,” King snaps in the video below. “You and them wide-body Hellcat hips need to need to calm the f**k down. I can’t believe this n***a just tried to call me p***y in the interview. I just seen him a couple weeks ago.”

“We seen you run from a n***a,” King continues. “We seen you run from Birdman. I ain’t never ran from nobody. It look like you got a p***y and you walk with a strap.”

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What Did Druski Say About King?

Druski was a guest on The Breakfast Club on Monday (Feb. 26). During the sit-down, the funny man was asked if he was more scared of Birdman or King.

“Come one, man. That n***a p***y,” Druski said, referring to King. “King Harris? What we talking about, man?…He did pull up on me at the [‘Standin’ on Bihness’] video shoot. We had too much security, though. He tried to do a stare off. The n***a got out his car and just kinda stood on top of the car. And he ’bout to go right back to that nice-a*s house. He don’t know s**t about standing on business.”

Druski later said he likes King, despite their differences.

King and Druski’s beef initially popped off earlier this month when Druski teased his track “Standin’ on Bihness,” which is a phrase King takes credit for originating.

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See King calling out Druski for dissing him on The Breakfast Club and Druski’s appearance on The Breakfast Club below.

Watch King Clap Back at Druski

Watch Druski on The Breakfast Club

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