Shamir Shares New Song “Other Side” from Upcoming Self-Titled Album

Shamir is back with the new single “Other Side” from his forthcoming self-titled LP out on Oct. 2.

“Other Side” transforms traditional country sounds to create a story about conceptual longing. Shamir gets quieter for a moment towards the end, highlighting his own vocal range, only to jumpstart the song right back into its Western-soundtrack feel.

“I watched an episode of Unsolved Mysteries about a woman whose husband was lost during the Vietnam War and how she never gave up trying to get answers about what happened to him,” Shamir said. “I wrote this song from her perspective. They’re both now deceased, so the song is also about how (I hope) they’ve reunited in the afterlife, or more accurately, the ‘Other Side.’”

So far, other early singles from Shamir including “On My Own” and “Running” have showcased the talented indie-rock performer’s influences in ’90s pop-rock.

Listen to Shamir’s new song “Other Side” below. Read Paste’s fall album preview, including Shamir, here.