Secretly Canadian Announces Release of Previously Unheard Jason Molina Album

Jason Molina had a remarkably prolific career. Over the course of his years as a singer-songwriter—whether recording under the Songs: Ohia or Magnolia Electric Co. projects, or under his own name—Molina put out 16 full-length albums and eight EPs (not to mention the smattering of singles he released in between).

Seven years after his death in 2013, Secretly Canadian has announced the release of his final collection of songs recorded before passing away, made during his time in London. The full-length LP, Eight Gates, will be released Aug. 7 and will include the newly released single “Shadow Answers the Wall,” which you can listen to below.

Experiencing the posthumous work of an artist always feels like a subliminal privilege. Exploring never-before-seen pockets of an artist’s creative product, and knowing that these products are finite, feels like something close to sacred. “Shadow Answers the Wall,” a single from the album which will be released Aug. 7, is a glimpse of Molina at his both his most essential and his most wistful. “If I had never believed, and let everything come into place, would the stars be looking down, would the stars be looking down on me,” he sings. Unadorned drums paired with a sultry bass-line permeate the track, giving the song a brooding character and complementing Molina’s lyrics with ease. The drums especially offer a feeling of intimacy that further elevates the song, making you feel as if you’re hearing the track live. This sense of spatial intimacy, heightened by the sound of birds chirping in the last few seconds of the song, produces a pensive and promising track.

Listen to “Shadow Answers the Wall” below. Further down, revisit Magnolia Electric Co.’s 2009 Daytrotter session.