Scott Kannberg Reveals New Spiral Stairs Album Title, Release Window

Tomorrow, April 8, Matador Records will release Terror Twilight: Farewell Horizontal, an expanded deluxe reissue of Pavement’s final album Terror Twilight. Paste spoke to founding Pavement member Scott Kannberg about the release, and he revealed in his conversation with contributor Pat King that he has a new Spiral Stairs album on the way this summer. Titled Medley Attack, the album is tentatively slated for a June release.

Recalling Pavement’s last days, Kannberg explained that the “four or five ideas” he had for Terror Twilight didn’t make the final album, saying, “I thought that the songs could have easily been Pavement songs. But what it did do, is it made me go home and start doing demos and finishing demos.” Those demos served as the foundation for what would eventually become Medley Attack: “If Pavement would have done another record, I would have had 30 songs! I had become confident enough with writing those songs to do other records. Like I said, I finished another one. So I’m happy about that.”

Kannberg said of his new Spiral Stairs album:

I think it will come out in June. That’s the plan. It’s going to be called Medley Attack. I think it’s my best one. I can’t listen to it anymore because I’ve heard it so many fucking times [laughs].

The album will be Kannberg’s fourth as Spiral Stairs, following 2009’s The Real Feel, 2017’s Doris & the Daggers and 2019’s We Wanna Be Hyp-No-Tized.

Revisit Spiral Stairs’ 2019 Daytrotter session below, and stay tuned for further updates on Medley Attack.