Rubi Rose’s Close Friends Post Allegedly Calls Nicki Minaj Evil

Rubi Rose was possibly caught dissing Nicki Minaj. Apparently, Rubi’s alleged Close Friends Story post on Instagram shows her calling Nicki evil and washed.

Rubi Rose’s Alleged Close Friends Story Post Shows Her Calling Nicki Minaj Evil and Washed

On Saturday (Jan. 27), several people posted on X, formerly known as Twitter, Rubi Rose’s alleged Close Friends Story post on Instagram which purportedly shows Rubi calling Nicki Minaj an “evil spirit ass b***h” and “washed” for beefing with Megan Thee Stallion.

For those who may not know, Instagram has a feature called Close Friends Story which allows users to share content with a select group of followers privately. It’s a cool feature but it’s essential to exercise caution when adding followers to the list. It appears that Rubi was exposed by a close friend on her list.

In Rubi’s post, she shared a friend’s screenshot of Nicki Minaj’s Instagram Live where she was mocking Megan Thee Stallion after the Houston rhymer released her new song “Hiss,” which may contain a lyrical shot at Nicki and her husband Kenneth Petty.

Rubi must have caught Nicki’s IG Live session because she wrote an unfavorable message about Nicki and her ongoing beef with a few of today’s female rappers.

“Nicki Minaj evil as f**k,” Rubi allegedly type in her message, which can be viewed below. “Only option to marry was a pedophile, b***h evil, pretty in the face but body botched as f**k, evil spirit ass b****h, old as f**k tryna keep up, ozempic really saved her big back self. Beefing with these young girls so lame, b***h washed.”

“Youre 40…..Take care of papa and your drug addiction,” Rubi allegedly concluded in her missive.

There’s no way to tell if Rubi actually wrote the message. After the post went viral, the Barbz (aka Nicki Minaj’s fans) flooded X’s timeline with vicious insults and disrespectful memes aimed at Rubi Rose.

Rubi Rose has yet to address the alleged IG CFS post on her social media accounts.

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What Was Nicki Minaj Doing on Her Instagram Live?

On Friday (Jan. 26) Nicki Minaj and Megan Thee Stallion’s beef was reignited, after Megan releasing her new song “Hiss.” While on IG Live, Nicki appeared to respond to bars on the Houston rhymer’s song that seem to be about her.

In the IG Live session below, Nicki playfully offers a preview of some rap lyrics that she recently recorded in the studio.

“Listen to this y’all,” she said before playing the snippet.

“Bad b***h she like 6-foot/I call her Bigfoot/B***h fell off, I said ‘Get up on your good foot,” Nicki raps over the booming track before having a good laugh. She then directs her producer to play the clip over and over and even in acapella.

Later on in the clip, Nicki mimics rapping like Pimp C then scolds, “You have three Grammys and you have to learn how to rap on the beat and be comfortable in the music,” she adds. “What the f**k? No. No. No. Get up on your good foot.”

Pimp C’s widow, Chinara Butler wasn’t feeling Nicki’s mimicry of her late husband and called her out on her Instagram page.

Nicki Minaj’s beef with Megan Thee Stallion is starting to get a little messy. Stay tuned.

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See Rubi Rose’s alleged Close Friends Story post on Instagram which shows her calling Nicki Minaj evil and washed below.

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