Mike Huguenor Shares Calming Instrumental Track with the Satisfyingly-Titled “Mitch McConnell’s Funeral”

Mike Huguenor has shared a new song with a title that’s sadly too good to be true: “Mitch McConnell’s Funeral.” It’s the second single from the California guitarist’s debut solo album X’ED, out on Sept. 4 via Lauren Records. It follows the previously released song “Evening Light Seen Through a Window.”

The song, which comes with an 8-bit style visual by Adriana Ignozza depicting the not-at-all solemn occasion, is an intricate blend of acoustic and electric guitars. Marked by glitchy percussion and wafting feedback, you can hear Huguenor’s penchant for communicative and immensely alive guitar playing.

While the song isn’t explicitly about the U.S. Senate Majority Leader—given that it’s an instrumental track—Huguenor describes the Kentucky Republican as a man “who happily smiled in front of a confederate flag, and who actively prevented America’s first black president from naming a Supreme Court justice, and who said his only goal was to make that first-black-president a one-term president… one day, he will be dead. Then, America can finally do some healing.”

Huguenor said of the song:

I was working on this song and realized it’s the most calming, peaceful song i’ve ever written. So I started thinking calming, peaceful things and the most calming, peaceful thought of all was the realization that one day, Mitch McConnell will be dead. While I do not advocate violence, when that motherfucker finally kicks the bucket, champagne’s on me.

Listen to “Mitch McConnell’s Funeral” below, and preorder X’ED here.