Mia Joy Signs to Fire Talk, Shares New Single “Haha”

Chicago artist Mia Joy has signed to Fire Talk Records (Dehd, Deeper, Mamalarky). Along with the news, Joy also released a new single “Haha.” The track follows her 2017 debut EP Gemini Moon and last year’s demos EP 12th house stelluim—notably, both titles reference astrology, a prominent interest of Joy’s.

While 12th house stelluim rested on windy, whispery ambient compositions (“I bought my loop pedal because it’s the same loop pedal that Liz Harris of Grouper had,” she says in a statement. “I just spent my college check on it.”), “Haha” echoes the more dream-pop-forward sound of Gemini Moon. The track slowly pirouettes, as Joy’s pacifying voice cascades over reverb-soaked guitars and ‘80s-indebted keyboards. “I tried to keep my body in one piece / My skin, it sheds in my sleep / Turns out the joke is on me / Ha ha,” she sings, enveloping listeners with her contemplative charm. The single artwork features an impressive-looking sword, and Joy explains that “the sword and my body is just a shield of protection.”

Listen to “Haha” below.