Meek Mill Says He Will Die to Shut Down DJ Akademiks, Ak Responds

Meek Mill and Akademiks continue to trade shots online, with the Philadelphia rapper saying he’ll die in order to shut Ak down.

Meek Mill Says He Will Die to Shut Down DJ Akademiks, AK Fires Back

On Thursday (Feb. 29), Meek Mill and Ak continued to trade shots on X, formerly known as Twitter, throughout the day. Things appeared to come to a head as Meek Mill grew sick of running his Twitter fingers, and said it was time for action.

“In my city we don’t do no talk,” Meek wrote. “You want the street n***as to die fr I can’t wait til that liquor hit your organs.”

Ak replied, “N***a when you talk about Asking for my address online u talking about DEATH games. U must think u invincible. U dont talk about pullin up to street n***as homes cuz u aint on that wit em. So dont that be on that wit me.”

Meek then wrote back, “I’ll die to shut you down,” to which Ak quickly taunted Meek again.

“Well noted. My address on google. u still tweeting,” Ak said.

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Meek Mill Tells DJ Akademiks to “Stop Playing With My Name”

The feud all began on Wednesday (Feb. 28), when Meek Mill hopped on X, formerly known as Twitter, to issue numerous scathing responses to DJ Akademiks. Ak had said during his latest livestream that the Philadelphia rapper needed to respond to allegations about whether or not he had sex with Diddy.

Ak had gone on his livestream to read through the latest lawsuit filed against Diddy by a producer named Lil Rod. Meek’s name is not mentioned in the suit, but in one section Lil Rod claims Diddy once told him he had allegedly had sex with a rapper. The name of the rapper was redacted in the documents, but they are described at the bottom of the document as “a Philadelphia rapper who dated Nicki Minaj.”

Meek wrote in part, “Akademiks an alcoholic fully powered by the White man … who you think posting that on every website! They be so madddddddddddd they can’t stop its few groups! lol Get me his addy ima shoot a full production music video in front of his house! lol seriously get me that one in NJ!!!!! He’s an alcoholic with no life talking to kids on a computer… normal kids watch Kai … adin ..Wallo gillie … a sick old black man with no life achievements trying to destroy black men because you envy us as me.”

Meek concluded his rant by saying no one would ever approach him for “gay activity,” and reminded his fans he’d be returning with a new EP titled Heathenism on Thursday (Feb. 29). Ak quickly returned fire and said it was corny that Meek was using a gay rumor to promote new music, and the two have been trading shots ever since.

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See all of Meek Mill’s latest tweets aimed at DJ Akademiks below.

See Meek Mill Say He Will Die to Shut Down DJ Akademiks and Ak Fires Back