Mayia Shines On Charismatic New Single “Nobody”

Mayia’s new single, “Nobody,” offers uplifting comfort in knowing that love and pure emotions are still trendy and real in today’s chaotic world. As she channels love through the song, she weaves a sensual and romantic mood that will resonate with anyone who has been through such a beautiful experience. 

Mayia first introduced her soulful music earlier this year with the release of her debut single “Temporary.” Audiences immediately reacted positively to Mayia’s first song, eager to hear more of Mayia’s artistic ventures. 

Mayia’s audacious, free and dedicated creative approach is reflected both in the special music she makes and in her personal, sometimes deeply intimate songwriting. 

Her sound is often made of a subtle mix between pop, r&b, electro and Hip-Hop, and her vocal executions leave no doubts as to why she is undertaking a journey in music. 

For all these reasons and more, get familiar with Mayia’s debuting catalog of songs, available on all major digital platforms!