Matthew Dear Releases New Single “Universal Truth”

Matthew Dear has shared the latest installment of Adult Swim’s single series. “Universal Truth,” the fourth release in the 2019-2020 series, marks Dear’s first release since his 2018 album Bunny.

The avant-pop musician, DJ and producer flaunts his strengths on “Universal Truth,” striking a subtle balance between pop-inspired beats, computerized production and lyricism that borders on spoken-word poetry. Throughout the track, Dear speaks on the passage of time, new beginnings and the fickle nature of memory.

“I seem to have forgotten everything I once knew,” he sings. “I don’t mind losing it all for something true / But if it’s lost for nothing I’ll make my way back to you…all I want is universal truth.”

Listen to “Universal Truth” here. Listen to Matthew Dear’s Daytrotter session in the Paste studio from 2012 below.