M.I.A. Shares Second MATA Single, “Popular”

M.I.A., the electro-pop/rap mainstay, is gearing up for the release of her forthcoming album MATA. While we wait for more information on the album’s release, she returns to offer another preview of the highly anticipated album in the form of the irresistible single “Popular.”

“Popular” builds upon the percussion-heavy African rhythms M.I.A. is known for. Distorted horns blare over a steady drum beat. The musician takes a jab at the self-centered nature of society today, vainly proclaiming, “Now you want to be around me, ‘cause I love myself.” It has all the ingredients to be a viral hit, and if the song’s message is any indication, that’s exaftly what she’s vying for.

Alongside the single, M.I.A. has been teasing the first official appearance of her robot doppelgänger M.A.I. In a series of cryptic tweets, M.A.I. seems to want the singer she’s modeled after to achieve immense success. How this story will unfold could be anyone’s guess, but her socials have been exciting to keep up with.

Below, listen to “Popular” and stay tuned for more news about MATA.