Listen to Helena Deland’s New Single “Pale”

Today Montreal singer/songwriter Helena Deland shared “Pale,” the fourth single from her forthcoming debut album Someone New.

Deland’s “Pale” evokes an almost out-of-body experience through the moody synth beats playing over an oceanic visualizer.

“’Pale’ is about the little space left to the actual self in romantic relationships where idealization comes into play,” Deland said. “The stream in the visualizer represents the question of control when control is ultimately impossible.”

Her upcoming album Someone New is out on Oct. 16. Deland is commemorating her debut album release with an exclusive Bandcamp livestream performance on Oct. 19, with tickets available here.

Listen to Helena Deland’s new single “Pale” below. Keep scrolling for the full Someone New tracklist and cover art. The record is available to pre-order here.

Someone New Album Art:


Someone New Tracklist:

1. Someone New
2. Truth Nugget
3. Dog
4. Fruit Pit
5. Pale
6. Comfort, Edge
7. The Walk Home
8. Seven Hours
9. Smoking at the Gas Station
10. Lylz
11. Mid-Practice
12. Clown Neutral
13. Fill the Rooms