Listen to Corey Flood’s New Single “Down The Hill”

Alternative Philly trio Corey Flood have shared their last single “Down The Hill” ahead of their forthcoming album Hanging Garden, out Sept. 4 via Fire Talk Records. The single follows the releases of “Heaven Or” and “Honey.”

“The Hanging Gardens of Babylon are one of the Seven Wonders of the World,” says guitarist and vocalist Em Boltz. “I have a good friend who’s a life-long pen pal. I have a specific memory of one summer when we swam in the lake by their house. I wanted to encapsulate that moment I had and when I was sitting on their bed. The room had beautiful windows and the way the sunlight was shining through felt totally ethereal.” 

Corey Flood draws inspiration for their own music from Throwing Muses, Helium, The Fall and Liz Phair, to name a few. “Down The Hill” is a mellow, dreamy song with Boltz’s vocals as its focal point.

Listen to “Down The Hill” below, and pre-order Hanging Garden here. Further down, revisit Corey Flood’s 2018 Daytrotter session.