Knifeplay Shares “Promise,” First Single from New LP Animal Drowning

Knifeplay knows there’s no way out. The Philadelphia-based band’s new track, “Promise,” conveys the pressure of confinement and conformity through their disenchanted noise rock. The single is the first release from their forthcoming LP Animal Drowning, out via Topshelf Records on Oct. 19.

Borrowing a line from Tony Soprano, “You’re born into this shit. You are what you are,” Knifeplay projects this sentiment onto the static landscapes of rural America. With slide distortion, toy keyboards and a broken saxophone, they expose the bleak reality of the American dream with cool disillusionment. A beat-down sense of acceptance permeates the folk acoustics and ominous shoegaze as the track reaches its apocalyptic bridge, a last-ditch effort before total surrender. Knifeplay aren’t total nihilists—they just see the world for what it is.

“We are all born to be free people and artists, meant to go after self-actualization. But we are spit out, scared and confused, into the spiritually emaciated modern world. Most people either follow what they’re taught is “practical” or just wither in that fear and confusion,” songwriter TJ Strohmer says in a statement.

Find the Ben Turok-directed, documentary-style music video below, along with the Animal Drowning tracklist and artwork, and Knifeplay’s tour dates.

Animal Drowning Tracklist:

01. Nobody
02. Lonely Sun
03. Promise
04. Bleed
05. Animal
06. Deserve
07. Hearts
08. Ryan Song
09. Untitled
10. Cold Rain

Animal Drowning Art:


Knifeplay Tour Dates:


04 – Brooklyn, NY @ The Broadway
05 – Washington, DC @ Comet Ping Pong
07 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Club Cafe
08 – Detroit, MI @ TBA
09 – Chicago, IL @ The Hideout
11 – Cincinnati, OH @ MOTR PUB
12- Cleveland, OH @ Happy Dog