Kate Bollinger Shares New Single “Feel Like Doing Nothing”

Charlottesville-based singer/songwriter Kate Bollinger has shared the music video for her newest single, “Feel Like Doing Nothing.” The single, released earlier today, is from her forthcoming EP, A word becomes a sound, which comes out on Aug. 21 via House Arrest. The accompanying video finds Bollinger in a sunny meadow fighting a band of mischievous villains.

Bollinger says:

By now I know that I am happiest when I’m keeping myself as busy as possible, but with that I always seem to make the same mistake again and again, which is trying to do too many things and wearing myself down. This song was written at that point, it’s meant to feel playful and like an abandonment of all responsibility, but it’s also supposed to feel a little uneasy. It’s a song about avoidance and escapism at its heart.

Watch the whimsical music video for “Feel Like Doing Nothing” below. Further down, watch Bollinger’s 2019 session at Paste’s NYC studio.