Hear Lucy Dacus Perform No Burden Highlights Live on This Day in 2016

Before she was one-third of the rock supergroup boygenius and released the triumphant Historian, not only one of our favorite albums of the 2010s, but also our number one pick from 2018, Lucy Dacus shared a subtler, but no less dryly funny and pointedly heartfelt, album by the name of No Burden.

On this day (March 17—hope you’re wearing green!) in 2017, Dacus performed a Daytrotter session at Good Danny’s in Austin, Texas, during South By Southwest. She played a number of medleys from that 2016 record No Burden, including album opener “I Don’t Wanna Be Funny Anymore,” “Map On A Wall,” “Dream State / Familiar Place” and “Direct Address.” Dacus has always been a bit of a soft-spoken singer (and a charged guitarist), so these songs float out like a mix of roaring rock and soothing folk—something we could all use a bit of right now.

Listen to Dacus’ 2017 Daytrotter session below, and/or download or stream it on NoiseTrade right here.

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