Flo Milli Releases Debut Album You Still Here, Ho? Two Days Early

You’ve definitely gotten familiar with Flo Milli over the past few years. Her party-ready brand of bubbly, raunchy and snappy hip-hop has made her one of the most exciting artists of the past few years. Her highly anticipated album You Still Here, Ho? was initially scheduled to be released on Friday, July 22. Instead, Flo surprised fans and released it today, July 20.

Across the album, Flo prances around dark trap beats, poppy R&B-influenced bops and jittery electronics to showcase her versatility. There’s an endless supply of catchphrases and Instagram captions wrapped up in Flo’s high-pitched voice. The best part is that Flo is allowed to shine, letting her natural charisma and clever wordplay stand on its own. Detroit spitter BabyFace Ray and punk-rap queen Rico Nasty are the two smartly placed features on You Still Here, Ho?, and they both play off Flo’s energy with their own flair. With the title referencing reality TV star Joseline Hernandez’s iconic quote and a special introduction by Tiffany “New York” Pollard, Flo Milli brings the audience into her own thrilling production informed by the theatrical and wildly entertaining early years of early ‘00s music and television.

Below, watch the video for “No Face” and stream You Still Here, Ho? on your preferred platform here.