Fat Joe Believes the Drake, Kendrick Lamar Rap Battle Has Ended

Fat Joe believes the Drake and Kendrick Lamar rap battle is over because K-Dot hasn’t responded yet.

Fat Joe Weighs In on Drake and Kendrick Lamar Beef

On Thursday (April 25), Fat Joe weighed in on the Drake and Kendrick Lamar beef. Joe, like most rap fans, is waiting for a response from K-Dot. However, the Bronx, N.Y. rapper doesn’t think Kendrick will deliver.

“I don’t think Kendrick is cooking up,” Joe said in the video below. “It don’t take three-four weeks to…I think that’s over. It don’t take three or four weeks.”

Joe also commented on Drake’s “Taylor Made Freestyle,” which has been getting mixed reviews due to Drake using A.I. voices of Tupac Shakur and Snoop Dogg.

“I thought it was creative, using the A.I. Tupac and then pushing the envelope,” Joe opined. “But, you know, I got no horse in the game. I wish they would all get along.”

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The Ball Is in Kendrick Lamar’s Court

All eyes are on Kendrick Lamar, who kicked the beef off with Drake with his verse on Future and Metro Boomin’s song “Like That” back in March. Since then, Drake has returned fire on multiple occasions via the song “Push Ups” and the aforementioned “Taylor Made Freestyle.” Drake took down “Taylor Made Freestyle” on Thursday night after receiving a cease-and-desist letter from the estate of Tupac Shakur.

As the days pass with no response, many fans are deducting points from Kendrick Lamar. However, swift responses to diss songs have never really been the rule. In fact, some of the biggest beefs in hip-hop have played out over several months. Nas seethed for five months in 2001 before putting out his response to Jay-Z’s “The Takeover” in the form of “Ether.” In 2005, Fat Joe himself waited three full months to release “My FoFo,” his response to being dissed by 50 Cent on the track “Piggy Bank.”

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Check out Fat Joe saying he doesn’t think Kendrick Lamar will respond to Drake below.

Watch Fat Joe Weighing In on the Drake and Kendrick Lamar Beef

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