Fan Travels Far With No Money, Ticket Just to See Nicki Minaj

UPDATE (March 31):

On Sunday (March 31), @ThatsSoKeezy, a self-proclaimed Nicki Minaj fan, jumped on X, formerly known as Twitter, and announced that she finally made it to see the Queen Barbz live in concert at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

“Here is the final update. I traveled about 20 hours by car to see @NICKIMINAJ with no ticket & no money just faith. Ended up with tickets & money thanks to you all. Met @Bigjuice205 outside. & Nicki waved at us on the way out of the venue. I had an amazing night thank you all [sparkling heart emoji],” she posted on X.

“This was the best night of my life. Goodnight Gag City. Goodnight @NICKIMINAJ [sparkling heart emoji],” she added.


A Nicki Minaj fan is traveling across the country without any money or a ticket to see Nicki in concert in New York City tonight.

Nicki Minaj Fan Travels Without Money or Ticket Just to See Nicki in Concert

On Friday (March 29), a Nicki Minaj fan hopped on X, formerly known as Twitter, to document her 33-hour journey to see Nicki Minaj in concert at New York’s Madison Square Garden on Saturday (March 30). The fan, known as @ThatsSoKeezy on X, posted a series of updates, which can be viewed below, of her journey to see the rap superstar.

In one of her posts, @ThatsSoKeezy shared her travel plans. The YouTuber revealed that she is departing from Kansas City, Mo., and will be traveling all the way to New Jersey, where she will be staying at an unspecified location. From there, she will embark on a one-hour journey from New Jersey to New York City, with the hopes of seeing Nicki in concert. Mind you, she doesn’t have a concert ticket, yet.

Apparently, she is using her job’s fuel card to get to her destination. As for food, she has a cooler of sandwiches and drinks.

As of her latest tweet during this posting on Saturday (March 30), @ThatsSoKeezy was able to secure a ticket, courtesy of a generous Barbz who has been following her journey on X, and she is now headed to New Jersey.

@ThatsSoKeezy’s final plan is to watch Nicki’s concert at Madison Square Garden. Once the show concludes, she intends to position herself outside the venue with a sign in hand, hoping to meet Nicki in person.

It’s unclear if Nicki Minaj is aware of @ThatsSoKeezy’s journey to meet her.

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Nicki Minaj Cancels New Orleans Concert Without Warning, Upsets Fans

On March 18, Nicki Minaj had to postpone her concert at the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans just hours before the doors were set to open.

News channel Fox 8 first reported the postponement of her nearly sold-out show, part of the Pink Friday 2 World Tour, through various sources, including arena personnel, despite no official announcement being made by Ticketmaster or the Smoothie King Center.

The lack of updates from official reps exacerbated the fans’ frustration, leaving many of them clinging to the hope of a rescheduled date.

Hours later, New Orleans’ Smoothie King Center confirmed the sad news that the Nicki Minaj show was indeed postponed and advised fans to hold on to their tickets.

“Due to doctor’s orders, Nicki Minaj must reschedule her NOLA show tonight,” the statement reads. “As Nicki is still sick, our team does not want to run the risk of getting others sick, and Nicki would not be able to give NOLA the show they deserve. We are working diligently to find a new date, so please hold onto your tickets, and we will inform you all soon.”

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Watch a fan travel across the country without money or tickets just to see Nicki Minaj in concert below.

Watch Nicki Minaj Fan’s Journey to See Nicki’s Show Without Money or Tickets

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