Drugs Release Meditative New Single “Positive Feedback Loop”

Drugs have released a new single called “Positive Feedback Loop,” from their forthcoming debut LP Episodic, out Aug. 7 via Park The Van.

In a press release, frontman Joel Jasper said of the track:

Habits and compulsions can start with something minuscule and escalate rapidly. It can be difficult to notice the foggy space between the two. This song tries to illustrate that space and possibly explain the feelings inside it. I think it’s easier than most people think to get caught in repetitive behavioral loops and have a hard time finding their way out.

The song resembles something of an inner monologue with a melody that’s reminiscent of the Wii theme music. It even vibrates at times, and it rattles; it relies on movement rather than sound.

Preorder Episodic here, and listen to “Positive Feedback Loop” here.