Brandi Carlile Announces First Joni Mitchell Concert in 20 Years

Wednesday night, Brandi Carlile joined Trevor Noah on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, discussing her new album In The Canyon Haze (a rerecord of her 2021 album In These Silent Days), her spirituality—oh, and an upcoming show with folk legend Joni Mitchell. Noah brought up Mitchell’s surprise performance with Carlile back in July at Newport Folk Festival, when the two played selections including “Both Sides Now” together. Touching on Mitchell’s recent health scares, the host paved the way for Carlile to announce that on June 9 and 10, 2023, the two will perform at The Gorge in Washington State, with Carlile playing the first night and Mitchell the second. This is Mitchell’s first headlining performance in 20 years, according to Carlile. The singer remained full of awe at the opportunity, commenting, “I can’t believe it’s happening, but it’s happening.”

The country/folk singer emphasized her connection to her heroes, emphasizing that she was proud of her own work but has always remained “a fan.” Indeed, often in her discussion of her own music, she referenced her thankfulness to her musical heroes. Noah put it aptly, commenting, “You connect with people in the storytelling of your music. And yet, every time I’ve seen you talk about your music, it feels like you don’t take credit for it, but you give credit to this larger idea of artists who’ve inspired you and what they’ve created, and you’re part of it. And it’s this beautiful, humble attitude that you have about music itself—it’s almost like you treat it like it’s magic that just comes down, and is infused within you.”

Revisit Carlile and Mitchell performances from the Paste archives below.