Best Albums of 2020: Worriedaboutsatan ‘Time Lapse’

Time Lapse (n5MD)

Once a duo and now the solo project of British musician Gavin Miller, Worriedaboutsatan albums have always seemed to be about fusing moody rock sounds with the synthetic DNA of electronic dance music. On that count alone, the atmospheric and sometimes melancholic Time Lapse is a triumph. His simple, exploratory electric guitar figures shimmer with just the right amount of echo and reverb, not unlike David Gilmour’s moody cosmic noodling on stage during pre-Dark Side era Pink Floyd. On the epic, single-chord tracks like “Twin” and “A Lost History” this sound coalesces brilliantly with the bleeps, buzzes and slow, rumbling drum loops, sounding like the most natural combination in the world. I also highly recommend Gavin’s 2018 solo album Shimmer, a short 6-part suite of post-rock ambient with somewhat more upfront guitar parts.

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