Benzino Gets Emotional Over Eminem Beef in Drink Champs Interview

Benzino gets surprisingly emotional over his Eminem beef in the Drink Champs interview.

Benzino Gets Emotional Over Eminem Beef in Drink Champs Interview

On Saturday (Feb. 17), Drink Champs premiered their new podcast interview with Benzino on their YouTube channel. During the two-hour interview, which can be viewed below, Benzino gets surprisingly emotional talking about his long-standing rap feud with Eminem. At one point, he slams the Detroit rhymer (and Machine Gun Kelly for that matter) and proclaims the victor in his rap battle against him with the song “Rap Elvis.”

As the show progresses, ‘Zino, influenced by several drinks, becomes emotional and confides in the Drink Champs hosts N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN that he doesn’t hate Em and would welcome the opportunity for reconciliation and will hug it out with him. But he also goes into near tears talking about how his beef with Slim Shady has affected his relationship with his daughter Coi Leray.

“I don’t have nothing against Eminem. He can rap but I care about us more. I don’t want to talk about it no more,” he said. “My daughter came to industry figuring ‘I gotta be cool with Eminem because everybody is against my dad.'”

“I don’t hate Eminem,” he continued. “I don’t know him to hate him. I don’t hate white people tired of this s**t, man. It’s just too much. I don’t want to be the bad guy.”

Near the end of the interview, at the 2-hour and 30-minute mark in the video below, Benzino appeals to rappers in the hip-hop community to set their differences aside and come together in unity.

In the end, Benzino gave a wide-ranging and emotional interview on Drink Champs.

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Benzino Thinks He Won the Rap Battle With Eminem

On Thursday (Feb. 1), Benzino went on Instagram Live to share his thoughts on the outcome of his recent battle with Eminem. The Boston rhymer released his diss track “Rap Elvis” where he questioned Em’s ability as a lyricist and label owner.

“I ate his a*s up. I cooked him,” Zino said in the video clip below. “Back in the day, he cooked me. It’s all good. But what you Stans is not gonna do, what you Saltines ain’t gonna do, is try to come in here and be like I didn’t affect him. Stop it. Because that shows that y’all ain’t real hip-hop fans. That shows that y’all are biased and probably halfway racists.”

“If it’s dope, s**t, give it up,” he added. “Just like my people give it up to him. Stop being racist White people. If it’s dope and I ripped him, say it.”

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Watch Benzino get extremely emotional over his Eminem beef, hip-hop and more in his wild Drink Champs interview below.

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