American Greed Create, Inspire, & Donate | “Together”

American Greed is a band that was formed by Mike Mesey, long time drummer for the classic rock band Head East, and many years working with Chuck Berry, as he was looking for the best musicians out there to take part in this great adventure. Along with Matt Arana, Dave Farver and Bob Guion, who have all recorded and toured nationally, he has brought together some incredibly talented musicians, and the powerful combination of these 4 artists is the secret behind the unbelievable single and music video they just released, “Together”. 

The band is donating all the proceeds from streams and downloads to charity, for a song specifically imagined for the Covid-19 crisis and its consequences, and the video they have created is simply breathtaking, blending their live concert performance, with the empty streets of New York City during the lockdown. Both shocking and yet filled with hope thanks to their vision, “Together” is a resounding hit that will engrave listeners’ memories and become a classic song in no time.