Yang-Baby Unveils Story Behind Latest Banger “Mercedes Benz”

Yang-Baby ’s most recent drop, titled “Mercedes Benz,” brilliantly captures his unwavering drive for triumph and ambition, drawing inspiration from the groundbreaking creation of Karl Benz and his own personal narrative. Within the song, the artist beautifully accentuates the profound meaning behind the prestigious brand’s name, representing success achieved through pioneering innovation and unparalleled excellence.

When asked about the rationale behind selecting the title for his latest single, Yang-Baby explains:: “Many people are unaware of the incredible story of Karl Benz’s invention and its impact on the lives of billions of people around the world today. As an automotive enthusiast, I discovered that on January 29, 1886, Carl Benz applied for a patent for his “vehicle propelled by a gas engine.” This patent – number 37435 – is considered the birth certificate of the automobile.” 

He continues: “That’s why “Mercedes Benz” is not only a revolutionary invention, but also the very definition of success through innovation and excellence. For me, it represents my life: when I think of my career path and my life story, I’ve had to reinvent and adapt myself, for example, English is not my mother tongue. Imagine learning a language by yourself and being able to compose songs that get the crowd moving. That’s artistic ingenuity.”

Through a close collaboration with his trusted friend Lebig, Yang-Baby highlights their dynamic partnership and the intricate creative journey that birthed their latest single. Lebig’s discerning perspective throughout the production process ensured that the album faithfully represented the essence of the Chilstars family, leading to the inclusion of “Mercedes Benz” in their remarkable repertoire. 

As Yang-Baby’s forthcoming record takes shape, it promises to retain the signature elements that have defined his previous releases while forging a distinct identity through a collection of cohesive yet unique tracks. In addition, the versatile artist has an eagerly anticipated single titled “Nono,” set to debut this month, offering a refreshing and captivating new sound from his repertoire.

Listen to “Mercedes Benz” here: