T78’s record label, Autektone Dark presents a dark and driving techno EP by, Boom Merchant

T78’s record label, Autektone Dark presents a dark and driving techno EP by, Boom Merchant.

Boom Merchant is known for his intense style of techno which blends ominous atmospherics with menacing synth lines and thundering percussion. His dance floor focused style utilises an innate ability of knowing how to captivate an audience, and his music has been released by record labels ranging from Dolma Red to his own Tribal Pulse.

Originally from Ireland and currently living in Scotland, Boom Merchant is also a skilled DJ who is a stalwart of Glasgow’s thriving underground techno scene. Alongside his residency at Surge Glasgow and regular shows in the UK, he has also received international bookings in countries ranging from Germany to Japan.

Glasgow is also the home of Slam and numerous others that have given the Scottish city a lasting influence on global techno culture, and Boom Merchant is one of the artists at the forefront of its next generation.

“Picnic” is the first of the three original tracks on this release, and after a suspense-building intro, it launches into a hard-hitting groove powered by a booming kick drum and dystopian pads. The track’s hypnotic flow and eerie tension unfolds with relentless energy.

“Free Dinner” has raw percussion and industrial textures underpinning rattling hi-hats, as it approaches the atmospheric breakdown characterised by trippy vocals. Its brutal style and rumbling bassline will shake any dance floor to its core.

“Drop” closes the release with a monstrous bassline underpinning the muffled tones of looped vocal textures, and the thickset percussion forms a stripped-back framework for the ferocious vibe of this unstoppable track.

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