Meet The Versatile Candian Artist And producer Machi

Meet the versatile Canadian artist and producer Machi, who uploads countless songs on a regular basis to her YouTube channel, showcasing her incredible prolificity and passion for music. 

She debuted her career with the release of “Princesse De Larmes,” a truly hypnotic solo piano composition, later followed with multiple tracks (over a couple of hundreds). 

Based in Montreal, from where she creates and produces her music, Machi is undoubtedly talented, but also driven by a strong ambition to share her works with the many, so that everyone can enjoy the fun electro-pop vibes emanating from most of her repertoire of songs. 

The jaw-dropping rhythmics of some of her more electronic-textured tracks work wonder, and for those who are curious to listen to her enormous collection of releases, just visit and subscribe to Machi’s YouTube channel!