“Lord Have Mercy” By Losk33 And Foogiano Is A Display Of Pure Power

Original lyrics that vibrate with the audience on various levels gave birth to Losk33’s “Lord Have Mercy,” featuring Foogiano. “MOLLY (BABY MAMA),” released by Losk33’s co-star, hit 4M streams on Spotify, paving the road for a fruitful collaboration. 

Virginia rapper Losk33 is definitely climbing the steep hill of global recognition with great vigor. He is a cross-genre urban artist that redefines the way rap and trap are mixed, creating a new wave of gangsta rap that will evidently take over Hip-Hop in the coming years. 

On the one hand, we have a powerful artist like Losk33. On the other, we have Greensboro, GA native Foogiano that has already positioned himself as a star in the industry by having a solid reputation thanks to his previous releases. He won the 2019 Authentic Empire Music Group (AE) Atalanta rap competition and is signed to Gucci Mane’s 1017 and Atlantic Records. 

Guns, money, friends, and cars are depicted in the music video that is steadily gaining views. Captivating lyrics work in great synchronicity with the beat. A truly superb collaboration that is paving the way for modern gangsta rap. “Million dollar nigga but still got a flip phone,” ayeee. 

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