LADIPOE’s “Hallelujah”: A Celebration of Resilience and Growth

Nigerian lyricist LADIPOE, with his wordplay and slick delivery, has just released his latest effort, “Hallelujah.” This only continues to assert his place among the top luminaries of the Afro-fusion music world, all the while imbuing his usual depth and vivid storytelling in the tune. Oladipo Eso, or to many, LADIPOE, has had an incredible journey. His music skills were noticed as far back as secondary school and were nurtured further by moving to the United States to further his education. Forming the group Lyrically Equipped with friends, Poe’s exposure musically as a kid laid the foundation for his wordplay and unique style. His contributions to Nigerian rap supergroup Show Dem Camp for their hit single “Feel Alright” were a game-changer, throwing him in the limelight.

Hallelujah” shows off LADIPOE‘s signature “Lifelines” that sees every verse packed with meaning, introspection, and his signature wordplay. The tune rests on the theme of doggedness, the complex nature of adulthood, as well as the virtues of keeping one’s peace of mind amidst the challenges of life. One-liners such as “Nothing now wey go kill my vibe / All I need is that peace of mind” hit home deep, showcasing his choice to be kept grounded and focused. LADIPOE has not let down Mavin Records since he signed in 2017.

From his debut “Talk About Poe” to the chart-topping “Feeling” featuring Buju, Poe continues to bag millions of streams and chart-topping tunes. “Hallelujah” is bound to sustain the trend, with its catchy hooks and theme-packed lyrics bound to resonate with fans old and new. LADIPOE, it seems, is not only top of his game musically. He is also the leading voice at panels and speaking engagements, brilliantly articulating the cause of the African creative industry and the immense potential for economic development.

With “Hallelujah,” LADIPOE has yet again proved that when it comes to Nigerian rap music, he is the pioneer. The song is a reflection of his evolution as a person as well as an artist, a jubilation of resilience. Yet to come are so many more things to expect from the “Leader of the Revival,” who is consistently pushing and testing the boundaries of Afro-fusion music. As it is said in the new song by LADIPOE, “Sitting in the lungu screaming Hallelujah / Many many cars for the race,” this is a musical journey of resilience as well as victory.

Play LADIPOE’s latest “Hallelujah” here: