Interview with No Speakers record label boss, El Prevost

Hello El Prevost, we’re excited to talk with you today. I want to begin by finding out some more about your “No Speakers” label, what can you tell us about it?

I started the imprint to showcase the array of new talent I have encountered, alongside the wealth of established artists and producers I’ve been lucky enough to know and work with. Additionally, I wanted an outlet for my own music, which I believe some of is slightly leftfield, while also challenging the corporate machine by having artistic freedom and creative control, rather than conforming to mainstream trends and the demands of corporate labels.

The name ‘No Speakers’ originated from my label partner, Ash, during a time when I was working between studios, using headphones in my front room. I initially found it odd to name a record label that, which is precisely why I liked it right away. The logo also carries a dual meaning with ‘Say Nothing’.

How do you approach signing tracks for the label / what would you say the sound is that it represents?

Good music, that works on the dance floor with a darker or experimental twist.

Your latest release features a killer remix from the legendary Kyle Hall… how did that happen?

While I was working on the Catastrophizing track a DJ friend of mine came into the studio, I asked her who she would recommend I approach to do a remix. She mentioned Kyle who she knows personally. She said “by the way he is playing at Earth tonight let’s go and meet him if you want” the rest is history.

Were you in the studio together or did you send stems?


You have a launch party coming up soon, on 20th April, to celebrate the release at Kizuna in London, is that right?

Correct Kizuna is a cool space with an intimate vibe & has a nice restaurant upstairs. At this point smaller venues need our support seeing as the corporate world is trying to take over something that has stemmed from our underground movement!

How did you choose the fellow artists on the line-up? 

Regrettably, in the past, I have booked DJs based solely on their profile, with the mistaken belief that they would attract a larger audience to the event and not fully enjoyed the music. So for this lineup, I have chosen talent as the primary criteria. Sassy Wylie and James Thomson are two DJs I have a lot of respect for and their vibe is exactly what inspires me.

Who is inspiring you right now… any DJ’s or Producers we should keep an eye on?

At present for me Sassy Wylie and James Thomson are the most exciting DJ’s currently for me definitely ones to watch.

I’m not a DJ myself so my knowledge of DJ’s and Producers is comparatively small compared to how long I’ve been in the industry. I like this though because it means I’m not influenced too much by other artists releasing music in the same field as me.

At the minute though I’m enjoying Cobblestone Jazz and Anthony Rother’s work.

Finally, can you tell us a strange fact about El Prevost that our readers might not know?

Apparently I eat veggie sticks really fast according to my girlfriend, I never actually noticed until recently to be fair, but it’s true!

You can listen to / buy a copy of “The Middle Of Extreme EP” here!