Interview: GIGEE

An exciting new face on the scene GIGEE is fast making her mark, her October 2019 debut EP ‘Reborn Pulse’ on Berlin’s favourite Katermukke, label of the famous KaterBlau club, shot into the Beatport Melodic House & Techno top 100 charts within days of release and was featured in a Spotify playlist by techno legend Charlotte de Witte. GIGEE’s unique production and DJ style blends melodic house and techno with a progressive edge, a sound quite unique to her amongst the female DJ community.

Hey Paulina, It’s great to meet you! How’s your summer been so far?

Heeeey there! Pleasure to meet you too!
Excellent! Excited to be back on tour, meeting new people, playing at some awesome locations and venues. Then loads of new music coming in, my family and friends are safe and in a good shape. Life is good 🙂

Congrats on your recent release Berlin with Mobilee Records. What does this release mean to you, and what were you aiming to express with this record?

I must admit this will be one of my most important releases so far, also containing a lot of emotional significance – the music parts were created in different circumstances during the pandemic, blending the contrast of joy and sadness, excitement, anger, freedom and its lack. This time I dedicated myself and my music to the culture of Berlin, its heritage and the inspiring local community.

Currently based in Paris, has the city have an impact on your creativity and artist development?

I was born in Warsaw and currently staying here as well as I came back to my family at the beginning of pandemic. I just simply didn’t want to be all by myself during such tough times. Although Paris feels like a second home as I have my godfather, brother and his family there and have come to Paris every year since I was a child. However, after graduating from high school, I decided to take a gap year and fly to Paris to delve further into the underground culture and investigate various industry moves. Lots of my older Parisian friends were already doing it and it was probably the biggest influence you could have while being a teenager. It was a HUGE change for me and my entire life. I knew I didn’t want to do anything other than music-related things. At the same time, I was organizing larger and larger parties and experimenting with my own sound and DJ skills. It simply made sense and came naturally.

You are a longtime fan of classical music. How has classical music influenced your approach to music production and your sound?

That’s true, I am. I think we should stay open-minded enough to fully explore the world and the music we’re creating. Classical music basically serves as the foundation for current music producers in many ways. Thus, mastering classical music helped me comprehend current music compositions better. Being able to play live instruments was also quite significant while developing my current sound, but I’m still exploring that zone and couldn’t call myself an absolute master while playing fully live with many instruments at once. I think about it very often but it’s just not the right time for me yet. So here comes digital … 🙂

How does your setup look like?

Well I like to begin with sound designing and every track has a special meaning for me, so I try a lot of new stuff and features to find the sound I want. I’m currently using Logic Pro, changed from Ableton few years ago. Much more intuitive for me. Most of the ideas come spontaneously, one day I feel like I have to record something that is looping in my head, another day I feel empty, and unable to develop anything special or maybe nothing that I want to share with the world.
So it’s something that couldn’t have been really planned in my case.

To be honest, it all begins with a certain loop swirling in my head to start, and then I’m just adding more and more elements to it. Progression and FX horns are my kinda guilty pleasures. However I’m spending loads of time designing perfect synth soooo… you never know. As for hardware – Moog Subsequent 37, Moog One 8, Roland TR 8S, Korg VolcaBass, Roland TB 03, Nord Stage 3 and my newest treat – Unique Midi Controller – ROLI Seabord Rise 49.

What studio gear do you believe defines your sound?

Moog synths riffs & bass line progression most def, but I think I’ve also managed to develop kinda characteristic kick & percs, which was basically a blend of analog and digital. I like to call it a multiple layering – as you can have in a cake (lol).

Digital or Analog?

Analog! I like to feel the knobs haha.

What has been your highlight gig this year?

Every next one! But I really enjoyed SonneMondSterne Festival last weekend (12-14.08). Fluffy Cloud (Burning Man artistic installation) in Los Angeles was also quite a unique experience.

DJ’ing or Music Production?

I’m lucky enough to feel fully excited while doing both. Depends on the mood 🙂

Thanks a lot for taking the time to answer our questions, is there anything else you would like to mention before we go?

Upcoming music & extremely exciting South America & ASIA tour coming up that will mark my official debut in so many cities that I absolutely can’t wait to experience and be inspired by, and of course. connect with the many beautiful locals. If you happen to see me, don’t ever hesitate to say hello. See you on the road!