Hot Mondy’s Eclectic Vibe Does Wonders On New Single “Your Christmas”

Hot Mondy is a five-piece Canadian band. Troy Arseneault plays lead guitar and vocals, Mat Budreski plays acoustic guitar and vocals, and Matt Brannon plays bass and vocals. 

The band’s new release, “Your Christmas” is a captivating mix of genres. This creative surge helps the band reach a broad audience. The background keys bring a sense of calm to the music, and the words and vocals truly transport us to another world. Inspiring melodies blended with beautiful vocals and a perfect rhythm come together in a subtle harmony to produce exquisite emotions.

Sharing the sorrows of human existence in an incredibly poetic way, “Your Christmas” is a moving and powerful song that once again displays Hot Mondy doing what they do best; speak words of truth in the most unpredictable of ways.