Global Status Inc Signee Lay B Moves Fast With New EP Iconic Measure

After having recently announced his debut track, “Rags 2 Riches” and its music video, Lay B is now moving fast and releasing his debut EP titled Iconic Measure. The gifted rapper impresses a little more with each day passing, not only with the ambition he displays but also with the power and smoothness of his flow, a rare occurrence in the game. While most rappers have a hard time defining their sound and usually blend a lot of effects with their mixes, Lay B stays raw and direct, reminding us of the legends the game has seen like Tupac or Biggie. The Global Status Inc signee has finally decided to share his music after years working on it and polishing every single little detail, and one thing for sure is that hard work pays off, and in his case, we truly predict a fantastic future, while we are already excited about his next drop, stay tuned!