Fenki Brings People Together With Motivational Anthem “Champion”

Portuguese DJ and producer Fenki has just added a new track to his collection of releases, a magical electronic song titled “Champion”. He brings people together in such a powerful way around values of confidence, trust, and unity through music. This upbeat track is a near-perfect soundtrack that will accompany and elevate the feelings of anyone going through a hard time, thanks to its fusion between dynamic and energetic beats with hypnotic vocals. The vocalist is a gigantic talent, and one quality to point out in this track is that even though it is a song made to dance it all out on the dancefloors, it subtly distills a chill-out vibe as well. 

Bringing contrast and nuances in an innovative blend, Fenki’s “Champion” is a must-listen for all authentic music lovers out there. Stay tuned for more by this incredible Portuguese artist!