Electronic Artists Eflorem Release New Catchy Single “Get It” Feat. CJ Silva

Eflorem released another single that dazzled their listeners. The bass house production and DJ duo showcase their high-level mixing skills in an all new single called “Get It” that is a bit of a stretch from their usual sounds. Joined by the incomparable CJ Silva, “Get It” takes a more pop-like format that still embodies Eflorem’s catchy beat drops and unusual synth sounds, making the single a phenomenal fusion. 

Accompanied by an original music video, “Get It” becomes a wholesome artistic expression as the music video channels the track’s vibe beautifully, another masterful display of the duo’s creative spirit. Eflorem is known for their electrifying bass house, trap and EDM style, however, the duo show their versatility by creating a track that serves a whole different genre. The combined sounds of electronics and CJ Silva’s vocals lets the listener enjoy the magical process of putting together a catchy composition while staying true to their EDM roots. 

Eflorem are one of the fastest growing DJ duos in the scene and their latest release “Get It” will only validate their true worth while entertaining their listeners. Make sure to check Eflorem’s “Get It” which is now available across platforms.

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