Damon Fletcher and The Crushboys’ “Hustle With A Purpose” Is 2020’s Motivational Anthem

2020 was nothing like we imagined it to be at the beginning of the year. Well, maybe for some introverts, the year seemed a paradise, but overall it was a disaster. The year was extremely hard to handle, especially for those who love to vibe during concerts. Damon Fletcher and The Crushboys’ newly released “Hustle With A Purpose” came to bring us back the summer we never had. 

Interestingly enough, the summer-filled, heart-warming track with tribal vocals and atmospheric sound accompanied by explosives to the core visuals came to remind us of this purpose. The empowering lyrics encourage us to keep the motivation high, and work hard to really enjoy the fun times. Hard work pays off, and Demon Fletcher is proof for that. 

Everything in the music video and the song is crafted with such a detailed approach. The perfect balance that the artists were able to come-up with in the blend of the different genres and moods they have created is beautiful. The unexpected music mixes will keep you fully invested and engaged. The visuals are aesthetically pleasing. The deep message of self-empowerment through the path of self-recognition and motivation, hard work is delivered with a summer-filled, fun, and catchy vibe.