Be Prepared To Face Your Depth: Sophie Fay’s New EP Handle With Care Promises An Emotional Journey

Sophie Fay, a NYC-based singer, and songwriter, invites you to a 24-minute journey through the depth of her sensitive soul, to expose you to your own vulnerabilities on her newly released EP Handle With Care. The EP consists of 7 magical, refreshing, and beautifully crafted songs. Each of them being a unique declaration of the artist’s attitude towards life. With tender care towards each detail, Sophie introduces her world to you. She is unapologetic and exposes herself to her core with no fear of being judged or misunderstood. The artist does not go mainstream yet manages to be overly edgy in every track.  

Handle With Care is intimate and groovy, filled with dreamy soundscapes, ethereal, soul-stirring, and a vibrant emotionality. Sophie’s music is a mixture of bright and dark sound solutions. The artist blends not only the atmospheric elements but different genres. Handle With Care is a bowl of modern pop, trap, soul, dance, r&b, and an electro-infused blend that, all together, form the fresh and unique tracklist. Sophie’s voice is dreamy as if it is heard from the clouds above; it has the softness and airiness that transcend to the EP’s harmonic nature. 

The beat base of the EP is soft as velvet and makes a beautifully intriguing dissonance with the shooting nature of the album. The artist’s captivating vocals create a space of melancholic nostalgia and sadness. Handle With Care will place Sophie Fay in the industry’s top artists to keep on your radar for those seeking truth and creative freedom in art.