Alice The G00N Makes A Stunning Debut With “Who Do You Love”

Rhythm and dance diva Alice The G00N makes her debut with “Who Do You Love”, an excellent example of the artist’s creativity and thoughtfulness. As noted in her latest interview, Alice chose to debut with this particular song for two reasons, one being an important question everyone should be reminded of, especially in difficult times. 

“When you decide who you want to be or express your affection to someone, there’s a point where you’re holding your breath and waiting for the response to your call. It can be terrifying. Just summoning the courage to move toward your hopes and ambition can be its own battle, but regardless of the outcome, it is necessary,” she said.

“Who Do You Love” incorporates all the best elements of dance music, 60’s soul classics, and percussion that will send you moving to the dancefloor. Beautiful track overall and a piece that sets a high standard for Alice’s upcoming releases!

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