Sawlid enlists Sir Jax & Roelyn Wilde for “9and3mi6” single

While the pandemic continues to impact the world, artists and creative types have found new and innovative ways to connect with fans and keep their career trajectories moving forward.

One such budding talent is Ottawa recording artist and songwriter, Sawlid aka Nic Grhymes, who released his Darko EP back in March just before COVID-19 quarantining and self-isolation measures began to be implemented across North America. COVID-19 has undoubtedly altered Sawlid’s original plans for promoting the 6-track release, but is making the most of publicity through Zoom-based interviews and putting a heightened focus on playlist placement.

“Although I am working on a couple projects, I felt the need to release this into the world as a time stamp of our journey.” – Sawlid

He’s also used the extra time he’s gained from self-isolating to double down on recording, and is currently sitting on a vault of new material that should see the light of day in 2020 or early 2021.

Sawlid’s latest release is the new Sir Jax and Roelyn Wilde-assisted “9and3mi6,” (Pandemic) which is officially out today on all major digital streaming platforms. The song is Roelyn Wilde’s first official release and comes just in time for her birthday.

“The pandemic inspired me to write a song about the impact it’s having on all of our lives,” Sawlid explained.

“We have all been or at least felt alone at some point. Sometimes it can be healing and help with clearing our minds, but we are social creatures and do not thrive when we are alone for too long. The on-going situation has forced us to be removed from our loved ones for months and no doubt has left a lasting impression on all of us. Video chats can only ease the pain for so long. This song has been a cathartic form of healing and a way to cope with the sense of loss. Although I am working on a couple projects, I felt the need to release this into the world as a time stamp on our journey.”

“9and3mi6” was produced by Anno Domini Beats, and mixed and mastered by Ottawa engineer Liam McGinnis.

Check out “9and3mi6” below. Happy birthday Roelyn!

Sawlid enlists Sir Jax and Roelyn Wilde for 9and3mi6 single

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