Em Plays With Time, Space, And Energy – Pathway To Aetheria

New Jersey native singer songwriter Em has been making music and singing since she was a little girl. Over time, she has polished her skills and developed her individuality, standing today as one of the torchbearers of spirituality-filled music, a culmination well represented on her latest album, Pathway To Aetheria, offering eight soulful pop songs to music fans. 

Her music floats through a wide range of influences and yet finds its home in the unique fusion between soul, pop, retro, and groovy sonorities. This album is the most personal to date, and in fact, was ready before her debut one, Em, but she felt more confident and ready to share it with the world as a second album. 

Em is an intriguing personage in the realm of music, displaying a passion for both mainstream musicality as well as poetic and spiritual songwriting, all together producing an explosive effect of feelings and epic melodies. 

Time, space, and energy, are mastered with a sure leadership on Pathway To Aetheria, and if you haven’t heard her works, this album is definitely the one to start with!