Exclusive: Listen to Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen Discuss the Moon Landing

Renegades: Born in the USA arrived on Spotify’s airwaves on Feb. 22, a unique series of conversations between two figures who have been key in shaping what we now know as American culture. The conversations between rock legend Bruce Springsteen and former President Barack Obama aim for both insight and entertainment, adding context by intercutting archival audio from the eras in recent American history that they discuss. Today (March 5), a clip from the podcast’s fourth episode debuts exclusively at Paste.

The latest episode is titled “Born to Run: The Loss of Innocence” and finds the duo discussing key moments in their upbringing that shaped their view of America, from President Obama’s first journey to the mainland to Springsteen’s experience coming of age near the end of the Vietnam War.

Today’s sneak preview sees the two sharing their memories of the moon landing, as Springsteen candidly speaks on being a jaded teenager mid-performance when the historical event went down:

Yeah. Then a little later on, you started having the cultural revolution and… it’s funny because I’ve … as we’ve been talking about the Space Program, I became a real Space Program buff as I got older. But in 1969, I was a 19-year-old kid playing in a bar in Asbury Park the night that they landed on the moon. And we were like … “Fuck the moon landing, man.”

You can listen to the clip below. “Born to Run: The Loss of Innocence” arrives in full on March 8.