Bones Debuts His Solo Career With “Face It”

Bones, who has a background as a member of an underground rock band, now goes solo with the release of “Face It,” an underground alternative rock project to stir your soul. The artist goes experimental and uses his freedom of creation to explore the rock tunes even further. The artist has an aim to bring innovation into music and entertainment. Thus, he also released a music video to the track making the unsettling experience of the sound complete with the visuals. 

The clip covers the shortened version, 4:02 minutes, of the 6-minute song. Visuals are shot in 4K, and the complete project is released through UMG’s Spinnup. To find out the intriguing artist’s core socio-political messages, vision on the rock industry and music give a chance to “Face It” and face what Bones offers. After all, “party while the world burns” may sound wild but is not that bad of advice.