Shmuck the Loyal – HYPERVADE EP

Shmuck the Loyal is an experimental music producer based out Nashville, TN. The up and coming trap producer is on a roll and has a hard hitting style. His idealistic approach to production is driven by the pursuance maximalism and a deeper, more emotive side electronica.  After a stint exclusively focusing on working for artists such as Blackbear, Doja Cat, Mikky Ekko and others, Shmuck developed a finely tuned project that defines his most realized creative self. His new four-track EP Hyperbade is out now on a upcoming imprint called stcore and it’s a dope piece work. The stand out track for me has to be “Kyra” but overall the full project sounds great. Read a quote from Shmuck the Loyal below and under that stream his new Hyperbade EP. Enjoy!

“I love the word “hyper” I love how the word looks, sounds and the meaning it. The word itself has been used in a handful my artistic endeavors and I knew early in the production process the EP that it embodied the sound and feeling the project. In its infancy, the project was slated as “Hyper Human” but I failed to develop a means proper depiction. “Extremely human” rather than “Extreme human” i.e. I settled on hypervade because I loved the overlap the words and how it felt like something new. Hypervade isn’t about a message so much as a feeling. I’m in the pursuance creating music that is emotive, visceral and rattles your core. It is intended to enhance whatever emotion is relevant to your life at the time listening. If I were to pick a theme, it would be “empowering”. – Shmuck the Loyal