Sam Feldt reaches milestone of 1 billion Spotify streams!

One Spinnin’s most acclaimed artists Sam Feldt has reached the impressive milestone 1 billion streams on Spotify. The achievement follows his current global success with ‘Post Malone’ (feat. RANI), which by now counts over 80 million Spotify streams. Sam Feldt received a special 1 billion streams award this week at Dutch national radio SLAM!, receiving this from SLAM! DJ Joost Burger. You can see what Sam had to say about this amazing milestone down below:

“I knew I was getting close to reaching a
billion streams on Spotify but I never expected this to happen so fast. With my
latest track ‘Post Malone’ still going through the ro on streaming platforms
I wonder how quickly we will reach the next milestone! I’m very proud the
awesome team behind Sam Feldt for this huge accomplishment and would like to
thank the people at Spotify and Spinnin’ in particular for their support and
– Sam Feldt

Sam Feldt reaches milestone  1 billion Spotify streams!