Riot Ten Releases Debut Album 'Hype or Die: Nightmares'

While Riot Ten‘s sound is very obviously bassy, it encompasses different elements hard trap and dubstep. His debut album “Hype or Die: Nightmares” embraces all these elements while showcasing new sounds as well.

“Mayhem (Intro)” starts the album out with just that – mayhem. We quickly go into “Glocks” with SAYMYNAME and it’s an incredible fusion trap and dubstep. “Hyphy” is an earth-shattering dubstep track, featuring choppy drops and incredible come ups.

On “Bodies”, “Freaky”, and “No Ceilings,” Riot Ten is more hip-hop focused and it’s definitely something new for the DJ and something we can see him doing in the future. Tracks “Showdown”, “Freaky VIP”, and “Never Win” keep us the journey through Hype or Die. Finally, Riot Ten rounds out the EP “Nightmares (Alone In The Dark)”, a slow tempo, lo-fi beat track.

All in all, Riot Ten shows us everything he’s got in this album. From dubstep to hip hop to lo-fi beats, he’s here for it all. Riot Ten is currently on his very own Hype or Die tour, which will go through the end the year. Find all the tour dates and buy tickets here.

Listen to ‘Hype or Die: Nightmares’ here: