Pauline Herr Evokes Musical Magic In Single "Long Gone"

LA based vocalist/artist Pauline Herr has been on a whole new wave over the past year. Being featured on tracks with some the top artists in the industry as well as releasing some her own works, there is really no doubt that she has been steadily rising in the game and doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

A recent single she released, aptly named “Long Gone”, is an emotional and authentic piece that you can truly feel from the beginning to the very end. It evokes a certain kind feeling that is hard to explain and is clearly present throughout the duration the song. A blend ambient, cinematic, electronic and pop music, “Long Gone” will take you away from the impending disdain daily life and bring you into a whole new reality.

Make sure to check out Pauline Herr’s single “Long Gone” below…