MEMBA Lets Loose On Stellar "SAGA-II" EP

MEMBA’s “SAGA-II” EP has finally arrived on ODESZA’s Foreign Family Collective. The dynamic duo is ready to showcase the depth their musical and artistic capabilities with this next project. The SAGA series is a trilogy that explores three planets in the universe, conveying different emotions. SAGA II is the next stop on the MEMBA journey. This planet explores an emotion completely different from the filth ‘SAGA I‘.
SAGA II channels the feeling childhood and that universal wonder we are all born with. That wide-eyed curiosity and desire for play that slowly fades as life goes on. This EP is a really personal one for us, we hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it.”  -MEMBA


The EP spans a total 7 tracks, including a 13-minute audiovisual film comprised vignettes each track to further support the artists’ visions. Exploring the concept how music when combined with our senses, can take us to far out places our minds.
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