The briefest glances outside your window will tell you all you need to know on the ‘is spring/isn’t spring here?’ question. Should you still need convincing however, here’s Markus Schulz to make it empirical. Out the dark, into the light, through his annual Global DJ Broadcast In Bloom show, spring mainlines.  

One his GDJB quarterly specials, In Bloom turns up the contrast on vocal-centric trance. Picking the freshest, choicest cuts from the current, recent and close horizon crop, Markus – in typically masterful form – has weaved them into two hours dazzlingly fine music.

Maximum access assured for 2019, for the first time this year ‘In Bloom” has also been given the full ficial Spotify treatment. Following its recent premiere on GDJB, you can access the entire two-hour run the mix through the platform here, or you can just give it a listen below! Enjoy!